Personal Profile

Proven ability to combine the insights among different sciences, talent in management, flexible, reliable and loyal. Revealed insights into the microbiota. My greatest interest is the in-depth investigation of the control of physical and psychological health through the microbiota. Our behaviour and experience is modulated by our gut.


Master in Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience , University of Basel, Switzerland, Final Grade, 5.5  (Scale from 1 to 6).

Statistical courses taken included: Angewandte Statistik , Applied statistics with „R“, Bayesianische statistics with R, Introduction to epistemological and scientific theories.

Practice of empirical research: explorative multivariate procedures, structural equation modelling.

Further Education

Intensive-Workshop in Motivational Interviewing by Professor Stephen Rollnick.

Professional Experience

  • Study on reconstruction of the microbiota
  • Milieu therapy for a child with special needs  and  training of the care staff with coaching
  • Project work on microbiota
  • Internship, Outpatients Clinic Münchenstein
  • Tutor in SPSS (bachelor students, Sociology)
  • Internship in statistics in R, (Dr. A. Meyer)
  • Internship, School Psychological Service (SPD), Basel-Stadt
  • Tutor in R (bachelor students, Psychology)
  • Scientific assistant (SA), Institut for Nurse, BRIGHT-Study
  • SA in Cognitive Neuroscience (Prof. Dr. D. Dequervain)
  • Parish Councillor in Zollikofen (BE)
  • Own family and teacher


Computer                                  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint,                                                                             SPSS, R, Photoshop, Illustrator

Language                                    German (native), English (fluent),                                                                                   French (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish

Master’s Thesis                       The Absence of an Empathic Relationship                                                               Turns Placebo into Nocebo